Our People

The Board of Directors is responsible for the direction and management of the affairs of ICF-Houston. The initial Board of Directors has initiated the development of various services and facilities at this center. Fundraising efforts are also underway. Two inspectors monitor the financial affairs of ICF and ensure the Board’s compliance with the organization’s bylaws. They provide the members with financial and compliance reports at annual meetings. A volunteer legal counsel also assists the Board of Directors in legal matters. Members elect the Board of Directors and inspectors for a 2-year term at the ICF annual meeting. An office manager hired by the Board of Directors is responsible for managing and coordinating the organization’s day-to-day operations.

Other than reimbursement of expenses incurred to fulfill their board duties, ICF Board members serve without compensation for their time devoted to organizing, planning, and working at ICF’s events and ICF’s school. A detailed explanation of ICF’s income and expenses are given by ICF’s treasurer at the annual meeting of the members so that there is full transparency and clarity about ICF’s income as well as all its expenses and related obligations.

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Board of Directors 2019

Office Manager

  • Niloufar Habibollahi

Board of Directors 2018

Office Manager

  • Pegah Nikravan
  • Hanyeh Hedayatpour

Board of Directors 2017

Office Manager

  • Nazanin Gholikhani
  • Pegah Nikravan

Board of Directors 2016

Office Manager

  • Anahita Khoramnia
  • Nazanin Gholikhani

Board of Directors 2015

Office Manager

  • Anahita Khoramnia

Board of Directors (2013-2014)

  • Amir Nayebpour
  • Atousa Safa
  • Fereshteh Pahlavan
  • Kamran Mouzoon
  • Mike Majid Jameson (Vice President)
  • Mehran Talabi (President)
  • Navid Rafatian (Treasurer)
  • Ahmad Zamanian (Departed Midterm)
  • Mehrdad Sadeghi (Departed Midterm)
  • Saina Esfandiari (Departed Midterm)
  • Hengameh Kiani (Departed Midterm)

Office Manager

  • Akbar Torshizad

Board of Directors (2011/2012)

  • Ghasem Bayat
  • Saina Esfandiari (Vice President)
  • Alireza Jameossanaie (Treasurer)
  • Masood Jameossanaie (President)
  • Mike Majid Jameson
  • Fereshteh Pahlavan
  • Alireza Tabibian
  • Mehran Talabi


  • Nazak Azimpour
  • Liz Jamea

Office Manager

  • Naseem Nikooei

Former Board Members

  • Shoa Abedi
  • Mehdi Anooshahr
  • Jamshid Ansari
  • Shervin Assassi
  • Parvin Bagherpour
  • Ebrahim Delpassand
  • Roya Esfandi
  • Hossein Hadi
  • Behnam Hashemi
  • Amir Nayebpour
  • Borghan Nezami-Narajabad
  • Reza Ladjevardi
  • Amir Mireskandari
  • Abdi Rasekh
  • Ali Saberioon
  • Khatereh Soltani
  • Reza Soltani
  • Alireza Taghdisi
  • Tala Vahabzadeh
  • Navid Zanjani