The survey results of the Houston area Iranian community illustrate the need for language and art classes as the Center’s primary service. As a result, ICF started offering the following courses on Sundays.


Aug 1st to Aug 28th (There will be a $20 late fee after the registration deadline)

Fall Semester:

Sep 10th to Dec 17th


  • There will be a $20 late fee after the deadline.
  • ICF Members: 10% discount on all classes for ICF members and their families. (Discount applied only once)
  • Offered classes must have at least four students enrolled; otherwise, they will be canceled.
  • The tuitions are non-refundable unless the course has been canceled for not meeting the minimum student requirement.
Farsi 1st – 5th Grades $300
Farsi (Conversation) for Kids $250
Farsi for Adults $300
English for Adults $150
Spanish for Adults $200
Dance for Adults/Kids $200
History of Iran for Adults/Kids $150
Art for Kids $200
Chess for Adults/Kids $200
Pre-K – Kindergarten $250

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School Payment

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School Registration Form

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School Curriculum

Kinder (Ages 4-5) – The students will learn vocabulary, colors, shapes, numbers, and children’s songs. Activities will include drawing, handicrafts, imitation of bird and other animal sounds, and learning games. All activities are conducted in Persian.

Pre-school (Ages 5-6) – The students will continue building a solid vocabulary and converse in Persian. The students will learn to read and write simple sentences and will, play flashcard games and sing Persian songs.

First Grade (Ages 7+) – The students will continue to learn phonetics, letters, words, and syllables while reading the lessons fluently and discussing the lessons in Farsi. The curriculum includes learning the numbers up to 100, telling short stories, writing dictation every two weeks, and learning the days of the week and months.

Second Grade – The focus of second grade will be reading fluency. Each student will read 3-4 story books and will discuss the books in class. Additionally, the students will learn the numbers up to 200, do bi-weekly dictations, and learn about Iranian customs, including Norouz and Mehregan celebrations.

Third Grade – At the end of this session, the students will be able to read and write fluently and accurately. The students will read Iranian and American stories and write about the stories, do dictation bi-weekly, and learn about Iranian geography and neighboring countries. They will also continue to learn about Iranian customs and celebrations (Nowrouz, Sizdehbedar, Mehregan, Sadeh, Yalda, and Charshanbeh Soori.

Fourth Grade – The students will continue to do bi-weekly dictation and will read Persian books and newspapers fluently. The students will write essays about Nowrouz, Yalda, and Sizdebedar. Also, they will learn about famous poets, read poems, and write them in prose, and the fourth graders will continue to focus on Iranian geography, including states and capital cities.

Credit Exam

We offer a credit exam for students who are looking to not have to take a second language in high school. In order to get 3 years worth of high school credit, they must get an A on their test. This offer is only available for schools in the Spring Branch District. There is a fee to take the test – $75. The test itself has 4 parts and is challenging, so make sure you study!