Mike Majid Jameson

Mr. Mike Majid Jameson (Jameossanaye) was born in Tehran, Iran in 1977. He graduated in Computer Science from the Tehran Central Branch of Azad University before moving to the US in 2004. Since coming to this country, Mr. Jameson has worked with various tech companies as a Senior Programmer and Digital Marketing Consultant. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of Networtech, an online marketing firm that helps companies grow their revenue and develop their brand identity. The company focuses on web development, social media management, and online presence improvement.

Mr. Jameson started his relation with ICF in 2009 as a volunteer helping with Entertainment Committee. In the same year, he designed the ICF website. He was elected to serve on the ICF-Houston board of directors in 2010 and been involved with organizing the ICF and Iranian community events since then.