Board Election

Thank you for visiting our Board of Directors election page. The deadline to cast your vote has passed. The results will be announced in the near future!

Please click on each candidate to read more about them. You can use the form below to cast your vote for one or more candidates including all.

Mr. Abdi Rezaei
Ms. Azadeh Nakhostin
Dr. Ghazaleh Ghaneh
Dr. Kaveh Moghaddam
Mr. Mahmoud Miremadi
Dr. Saeed Janani
Dr. Siavash Zamiran

All board members are elected to serve for a period of two years.

The following board members got elected in 2021 and therefore will continue to serve on the board until the next election.

Mr. Adrien Terrany
Dr. Amir Nayebpour
Mr. Mike Majid Jameson
Ms. Nafiseh Gonabadi
Mr. Ramtin Barzin
Mr. Seth Eslami