Sudi Samandari Co-publishes Zan Magazine

March 6, 2012
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Zan Magazine

One more reason to be proud as an Iranian-Houstonian! Published by Sudy Samandari, the daughter of a lifetime journalist who published Golchin to the last breath of his life, Zan Magazine stands tall among all publications attempted by the Iranian diaspora in the last 30 years—bar none. With only two issues published, Zan has already received international attention and praise.

Zan is a long-overdue work of journalism that puts Houston on the map one more time. Staffed by talented professionals, this prestigious publication boasts Sudy Samandari as Editor in Chief and Dr. Baharak Sedigh as managing editor. Subscription to this magazine is a must for all sophisticated women—men can sneak a glance when women are not looking!

ICF congratulates Sudy and her team for their remarkable cultural endeavor.

To learn more about Zan Magazine, check out this interview with Ms. Samandari on ABC 13’s Visions.

Max Jameson