ICF School Collaborates With Spring Branch ISD for Foreign Language Credit Exams

November 12, 2011
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The Iranian Cultural Foundation school has partnered up with Spring Branch ISD to offer foreign language credit in high school by taking a competency exam administered by the ICF.  This expands on SBISD’s foreign language offerings and on a collaboration program that features many other languages not offered in traditional high school classes.  For students coming from Iran, this could lead to earlier graduation from high school by getting credit for Farsi.  Iranian-American students can benefit by taking their mother tongue as a foreign language to help identify more with their culture and heritage.


This collaboration will eventually lead to Farsi classes at ICF specifically designed for middle school and high school students, competency exam tutoring, and future collaborations with the school district.  ICF is also looking to pursue the foreign language credit program with Houston ISD and other Houston-area school districts.


For more information about the program, contact the ICF office.